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Our History

Malton Foods was founded in 1960 in Hull, under the name of Ostlers, a family run business supplying a wide variety of meat products including hot dogs, frankfurters, sausages and hamburgers to the retail and foodservice trade, across Yorkshire and Humberside.  The business soon outgrew its site in Hull and the company moved west to Malton in North Yorkshire in 1962. The business was rebranded ‘Westler Foods’ to reflect the move ‘west’ inland from the coast.

The business quickly built a strong reputation for being the brand leader in foodservice hot dogs and frankfurters and the ‘Westlers’ brand became synonymous with quality meat and meat products at attractions and theme parks nationwide. Over the years the business grew and whilst the Westlers brand remains ever strong, the broader business has moved into new markets such as retail ready meals and snacks.

Today Malton Foods still resides in Amotherby and we remain proud of our Yorkshire history. Nowadays Malton Foods Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zwanenberg Food UK LTD., the UK arm of the Zwanenberg Food Group BV, which is a family owned food group with manufacturing sites in Holland, the UK and the US.