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How We Make Our Meals

All of our meals begin life in our development kitchen, this is the creative hub of our business. Our development chefs create great tasting meals in much the same way you would at home. We carefully select ingredients, clean, chop, dice and season with a view to creating great tasting food.

We employ seasoned development chefs that have experience across manufacturing and the service sector, and they have cut their teeth in some of the most demanding restaurants, where quality standards are paramount. We believe this experience brings a high standard of food knowledge and culinary excellence to our ready meal manufacturing.

Each new meal normally goes  through several rounds of development, testing  and fine tuning before they are approved and selected for scaling up to factory production.

At this stage our meals are heated slowly and gently sealed inside their primary packaging within large pressurised steam ovens.  This process is monitored and controlled to ensure we retain as much of the meals flavour, texture and nutrients as possible.

This carefully controlled process preserves the food naturally through a combination of heat and time, resulting in a great tasting meal that can be stored at room temperature.

And providing that the food remains unopened and intact within its packaging, it will remain fresh for the duration of its shelf life. We like to call this process ‘perfectly prepared’.