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Frequently Asked Questions

The steam cooking process heats the meals in their packaging, we apply this heat slowly over time to retain as much of the products attributes as possible, whilst maintaining its taste. This process ensures each meal remains ‘fresh’ within its pack for the duration of its shelf life. We call this process ‘Perfectly Prepared’.

Meals are pre-cooked inside their packaging, in large pressurized steam ovens.  This carefully controlled process involves heating them slowly over time and providing that the food remains unopened and intact in its packaging, there is no need to refrigerate.

Once opened, meals should be consumed immediately or transferred to a suitable sealed  container and treated as fresh food. Once opened refrigerate and used within 48hrs.

All of our meals are pre-cooked at the point of manufacture and therefore can be eaten hot or cold. However, we would always recommend re-heating to ensure the best possible experience.

Yes, you can freeze our meals, but there really is is no need to use up that freezer space. Our meals have a long shelf life and will sit happily in your store cupboard, ready for when you need them.

No, as all of our meals are pre-cooked, there is no need to use any artificial preservatives in our meals. The cooking process and the barrier packaging work in tandem to maintain the food for the duration of its life. Some ingredients that can go into our meals may themselves contain a preservative, but this only preserves the ingredient itself until it is processed as part of a complete meal.

Depending on the packaging format used meals will keep from 12 to 36 months.