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Today there are approximately 26.4 million UK households and the traditional UK household demographics are changing and as a result we are seeing more fragmented shopper profiles, be that the traditional mum shopping for the family, a single person shopping for themselves, or the increase in the over 50’s shopper.

For retailers and manufacturers this brings new challenges as we try to provide a range of goods designed to meet different shoppers’ needs.  We work collaboratively with our retail customers to identify and bring to market, products that meet these needs, based on established category management principles.

We segment and target consumers, to ensure we get the right product in front of the right shoppers and we support our brands with ongoing sales and marketing activity, to ensure we deliver added value to both our customers and their shoppers.

You can find our products in Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, M&S and the Co-operative across a mix of brand and customer own label. In addition to the established multiple grocery channel, we also have a increasing presence in the growing discount and independent sector.