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Military & Emergency Rations

Malton Foods has been a major player in the military rations sector for over twenty years, if fact our first military style foil pouch run off the production line in 1992. Between then and now we have produced over 100 million pouches, that’s enough 300g packs, if laid end to end to stretch from London to New York and back again

All of our military rations are designed to meet strict nutrition guidelines, with a balanced mix of energy delivery from protein, carbohydrates and fats.  A soldier can burn in excess of 5,000 calories per day whilst on maneuvers, so good nutrition and energy delivery is essential, when designing our ration packs.

Each meal has to be very durable to withstand the vigor’s of military training and tours of duty. That’s why each pouch is constructed from a four ply barrier composite, that is designed to protect and preserve the product for the duration of its life.  Each pouch has a shelf life of three years from manufacture and can be stored without the need for refrigeration, as each meal is preserved naturally in its pouch thanks to the cooking process and packaging working together in tandem.

Malton Foods MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) menu covers every meal occasion and type, in addition to this we have the ability to provide provision for special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, kosher and halal based diets. Our extensive range of cuisine includes, traditional, Indian, Spanish, Italian and Chinese main meal options together with a range of breakfasts, puddings and rice based side dishes, all designed to provide great tasting, nutritious, energy dense food for our troops.  Malton Foods Ration packs have been used extensively to service foreign military markets in northern Europe and the middle east.

In addition to the growing interest from military customers’ across the globe we have also provided MRE’s to the emergency services. Our meals flexible long life format enables them to be used by firemen, police and mountain rescue when responding to emergencies.

We have also provided meals to charitable organisations who specialise in providing disaster relief, working together to ensure food arrives on time in situations where weather, war and famine has resulted in people becoming displaced and in desperate need of food and shelter.

Our MRE’s can be heated in the field via the Hot Pack heater system, which will heat a meal in 12 minutes without the need of a stove. Each heater pack consists of a pouch with a magnesium alloy heating element that is water activated – all you need to do is place your meal inside the heater pouch and add a little water – ideal for use in remote locations or where there is no infrastructure to provide traditional cooking methods.

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