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As shopper marketing and category management identifies new and emerging market segments and needs, there has been an increased demand within the food industry from established brands to increase their market share, by providing more choice for their customers. This could mean moving into new variants, pack sizes or even new categories and packaging formats.

For many brands owners, often the simplest and preferred route to market for NPD of this kind, is outsourcing the goods from another supplier, as it minimises risk and allows them to trial new concepts quickly and easily without disrupting their core business.

Malton Foods co-packing division can help brand owners provide retailers with new or niche products designed to provide a total category solution. We have an established history of working with some of the biggest brand owners in the UK grocery market and have a reputation for producing commercially viable, award winning added value quality products that meet consumers’ changing needs.

We share a love for our partners brands and respect and uphold their values and we act as ‘custodians’ through every step of the co-pack process.  This ensures the meals we prepare meet both the brand owner and consumers expectations in terms of quality, taste, consistency and value.  For more information on how we can help your brand grow, please click here.