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The Westlers brand was  initially created as a vehicle for hot dogs and burgers in the 1960’s. Today the range of Westler products is more diverse and the brand has extended into ready meals and meatballs, to meet consumer demand for convenience. The current retail portfolio includes,  Ultimate All Day Breakfast, Microwaveable Meatballs and our much loved Burgers in Onion Gravy.

All Westler branded meals are designed with convenience in mind.  We want to help take the stress out of mealtimes, reduce washing up and put an end to food waste, that’s why all of our meals are microwaveable in their packaging and perfectly portioned to help reduce waste. We sum all of these points  up with our strap line……..’Mealtimes Made Easy!’

Either as a complete meal on its own, such as all day breakfast, or as a centre plate / side of plate with burgers or meatballs – there’s no simpler way to make a meal in minutes. All our meals are free from artificial colours and flavours and they are preserved naturally through a combination of our cooking  process and barrier packaging, which means you can store them without the need for a fridge or freezer.

Westlers Ultimate All Day Breakfast has been designed with big appetites in mind.  Ideal as a filling start to the day, to prepare you for the day ahead, or as an evening or late meal, to satisfy your hunger after a hard day at work or night on the town.  Each dual tray is loaded with protein and features a bacon chop, two pork sausages, beans, diced potato and an omelette for that complete All Day Breakfast experience.

Westlers Burgers in Onion Gravy are our most successful retail line, our first burgers came off the production line in the mid 1970’s and  consumers have been buying them ever since. They have a cult status with shoppers, often reminding them of their childhoods.  Today our burgers still remain a delicious teatime treat for the whole family.  Try serving with creamy mash, with a side of vegetables as a main meal. Alternatively,  serve in a burger bun drizzled in onion gravy for a satisfying quick snack.

Westlers Microwaveable Meatballs are a range of 250g meatballs in three fantastic varieties gravy, tomato and bolognese.  Designed with today’s busy mums in mind and packaged in convenient microwaveable pots, they make an ideal main meal or side of plate and are ready in just two minutes.  Branded in bright colourful character packs, based on classic childhood themes,  the range is designed to be appealing to children whilst re-assuring to mums. All of our meatballs range are free from artificial flavours and colours.

Code Name Size Product Barcode  Case Barcode
2025 All Day Breakfast 6x350g 5010599020254 05010599120251
2020 Micro  Meatballs in Gravy 6x250g 5010599020209 05010599120206
2021 Micro  Meatballs in Tomato 6x250g 5010599020216 05010599120213
2022 Micro  Meatballs in Bolognese 6x250g 5010599020223 05010599120220
1710 4 Burgers in Onion Gravy (PMP) 6x425g 5010599017018 05010599107016
719 4 Burgers in Onion Gravy 6x425g 5010599007231 05010599017230