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Wayfayrer is the market leading outdoor food brand.  Available in outdoor stores nationwide in 12 fantastic varieties, there’s sure to be a flavour to suit all tastes.  Each meal is wrapped up in a durable 300g or 200g  pouch, that is designed specifically to withstand extremes in temperature and weather, whilst keeping the food inside fresh.

Wayfayrer meals are manufactured to the same standard and specification as our military meals, which we supply to the British MoD. These meals are designed to sustain troops whilst on manoeuvres, so no matter your activity, should you be climbing, walking, cycling or sailing, you can be confident Wayfayrer will perform, regardless the conditions.

All Wayfayrer meals are preserved naturally thanks to our carefully controlled cooking process, which uses a combination of heat and time, in conjunction with the durable barrier packaging, to preserve the food, eliminating the need to use artificial preservatives.  This combined process ensures the meals will remain fresh for three years, providing they remain unopened and intact within the pouch.

All of our ingredients have been specially selected to enable us to provide you with a range of nutritionally balanced great tasting meals, that are designed to help you maintain your energy levels whilst pursuing you passion for the outdoors.

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Code Name Size Product Barcode  Case Barcode
1635 Meatballs & Pasta 36x300g 5010599006395 05010599116353
1639 Lancashire Hot Pot 36x300g 5010599006555 05010599116391
1649 Beef Stew & Dumplings 36x300g 5010599006562 05010599116490
1652 All Day Breakfast 36x300g 5010599016141 05010599116520
1653 Bacon & Beans 36x300g 5010599006531 05010599116537
1654 Beans & Sausage 36x300g 5010599006548 05010599116544
1663 Pasta Shells & Bolognese 36x300g 5010599016639 05010599116636
1664 Chilli Con Carne & Rice 36x300g 5010599016646 05010599116643
1622 Veg Curry & Rice 36x300g 5010599016226 05010599116223
1665 Chicken Tikka & Rice 36x300g 5010599016653 05010599116650
1662 Chocolate Pudding 36x200g 5010599006487 05010599116629
1623 Sticky Toffee Pudding 36x200g 5010599016233 05010599116230