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The Simpsons brand was first established in the early 1900’s and was an added value brand tier within the Simpsons of Manchester brand portfolio.

Over the years the Simpsons brand has been adopted where added value and quality are paramount. Positioned as a ‘better’ proposition, for everyday produce that aims to deliver that little bit extra in terms of taste, quality and value for money.  Today the brand is used extensively throughout the retail discount sector and remains a leading player in the ambient desserts category.

The Simpsons brand was acquired by Malton Foods in early 2016 as part of the acquisition of the Goblin brand from Simpsons Foods of Manchester.  Moving forward the brand offers us the opportunity to develop added value products in existing categories such as ambient desserts, in addition to new categories such as ready meals and sauces, should the opportunity arise.

Code Name Size Product Barcode Case Barcode
8102 Simpsons Syrup Sponge Twin Pack 5x2x130g 5010176300380 05010176300397
8103 Simpsons Chocolate Sponge Twin Pack 5x2x130g 5010176300403 05010176300410
8104 Simpsons Spotted Dick Sponge Twin Pack 5x2x130g 5010176300465 05010176300472
8105 Simpsons Jam Sponge Twin Pack 5x2x130g 5010176300427 05010176300434
8106 Simpsons Sticky Toffee Sponge Twin Pack 5x2x130g 5010176300441 05010176300458
8107 Simpsons Canned Syrup Sponge 8x300g 5010176400103 05010176300830
8108 Simpsons Canned Chocolate Sponge 8x300g 5010176400110 05010176300809
8109 Simpsons Canned Spotted Dick Sponge 8x290g 5010176400127 05010176400011
8110 Simpsons Canned Sticky Toffee Sponge 8x300g 5010176400141 05010176300816
8111 Simpsons Canned Jam Sponge 8x300g 5010176400134 05010176300823