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Pot Stuff

Pot Stuff is all about ‘food on the go!’ and with this in mind our range of convenient microwaveable snack pots are designed to satisfy your cravings day or night. Each 320g pot is filled with chunky mouthfuls of flavoursome ingredients. Pot stuff is the perfect lunchtime alternative to a wrap or sandwich and can be heated up… pot to hot in just 2 1/2 minutes.

With a globally inspired menu there is sure to be a Pot Stuff to meet every taste. Home or away Pot Stuff is ready to eat in minutes and the range also averages 253 calories per pot… there’s no better time to  ‘Dig in and enjoy!’

Code Name Size Product Barcode  Case Barcode
2100 Beef Stew & Dumplings 6x320g 5010599021008 05010599121005
2101 Chilli & Wedges 6x320g 5010599021015 05010599121012
2102 Meatballs & Fusilli 6x320g 5010599021022 05010599121029
2023 Irish Stew 6x320g 5010599020230 05010599120237
2024 Chinese Chicken Curry & Rice 6x320g 5010599020247 05010599120244