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The famous Goblin brand has been a store cupboard staple since its inception in 1929. The brainchild of Gertrude Simpson, the Goblin brand has always offered quality and value across a range of ambient puddings for price conscious shoppers.

Goblin meat puddings are available in 2 varieties Steak & Kidney and Meat & Gravy and have been around since 1933. Originally the puddings came in a family sized can, however, nowadays the range comes in convenient microwaveable, single serve pots. Goblin hamburgers complete the savoury range from Goblin consisting of 4 herby flavoured hamburgers in a sweet onion gravy.

Goblin sweet puddings come in come in handy microwavable twin packs,  with each 110g pudding consisting of the perfect mix of suet and sauce or fruit for a tasty indulgent single serve dessert. The Goblin sweet pudding range is available in five varieties Syrup, Chocolate, Sticky Toffee, Strawberry & Spotted dick.

Malton Foods completed the purchase of the Goblin branded pudding business from Manchester-based Simpsons Ready Foods Ltd in early 2016 and we see the Goblin brand as a key part of our product offering moving forward.

Code Name Size Product Barcode Case Barcode
8201 Goblin Meat & Gravy Pudding 6x155g 5010176150558 05010176200000
8202 Goblin Steak & Kidney Pudding 6x155g 5010176150534 05010176150541
8203 Goblin Hamburgers 8x425g 5010176150015 05010176150190
8205 Goblin Syrup Sponge Puddings 6x2x110g 5010176250708 05010176300199
8206 Goblin Chocolate Sponge Puddings 6x2x110g 5010176250722 05010176300212
8207 Goblin Spotted Dick Sponge Puddings 6x2x110g 5010176250784 05010176300274
8208 Goblin Strawberry Sponge Puddings 6x2x110g 5010176250746 05010176300236
8209 Goblin Sticky Toffee Sponge Puddings 6x2x110g 5010176250760 05010176300151
8204 Goblin Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding 8x290g 5010176450214 05010176450221
8212 Goblin Syrup Sponge Pudding 8x290g 5010176450177 05010176450184
8213 Goblin Chocolate Sponge Pudding 8x290g 5010176450191 05010176450207